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The Pure Joy Podcast

The Pure Joy Podcast was created by health educator and pioneer, Elaina Love. This show is designed for the spiritual seeker and health enthusiast who wants to improve their life. On this show, Elaina shares her thoughts and expertise while engaging with the world’s leading authors and experts to help you - the listener - unleash the power of your mind, body and spirit, and live an awesome life. 

In the world of health, messaging can get diluted and confusing. Elaina cuts through the noise to share the latest research findings and practical tips to enable you to upgrade your life. Through cutting-edge conversations with health and wellness experts and insightful takeaways, she empowers listeners to find happiness, improve their health through diet and lifestyle, fight disease naturally, balance hormones, increase energy and vitality to live optimally. 

If you like The Rich Roll Podcast, Bulletproof Coffee, Ultimate Health Podcast, Primal Blueprint and Model Health Show, then you’ll love The Pure Joy Podcast.



Featured Episodes 

Dr. Shade of Quicksilver Science | Supplements to get you into ketosis and how detox heavy metals the right way.

2 July 2019

I have been experimenting with health supplements for over 2 decades, and when I discovered Quicksilver Scientific, I finally felt I had struck gold.  I interviewed Dr. Christopher Shade, Ph.D. about Quicksilver Scientific and his line of truly groundbreaking nutrition products.


How to cut sugar with no cravings or overeating.

27 February 2020

When you feel satisfied, you stop sugar cravings and unhealthy choices. We discuss how to use alternative ingredients for ALL of your favorite foods including cookies, brownies, chocolates, bread, meat, tortillas, and more. Food has a huge emotional component to it. That's why we know deprivation doesn't work. We never sacrifice taste when creating recipes and you shouldn't either!


Mindfulness for brain health, wellness, and weight loss.

3 March 2020

Emotions and mindfulness play a huge role in your eating habits. We've found the EMOTIONAL piece is the KEY that is missing from your weight loss program. We've found meditation, gratitude, and goal setting are a key ingredient to success. Once you start changing the neurology in the brain, you break the habit, and you make the SWITCH!


Inflammatory foods that could be destroying your health

19 February 2020

Balanced nutrition is the foundation of the Pure Joy Method. We believe that proper vitamin, mineral, micro, and macros counts start a cascade of health benefits, including natural weight loss, hormones balancing, calming inflammation, improved sleep quality, and ultimately nourishing your body into a state of optimal full-body cellular function.


How to Get Your Health Back on Track

29 May 2020

Take your life into your own hands, stop waiting for someone to give you permission, and stay on track once you have fallen off the good eating wagon. We know it is not always easy, so we hope that some of our words will motivate you to put your priorities in order and put yourself first when it comes to Owning Your Health!


SoulTranSync Meditation and Ho’oponopono Self-Forgiveness Practice with Edward Miller

8 July 2020

SoulTranSync (STS) is a transformative SOUL meditative practice that offers you a simple and practical approach for exploring your inner path to joy, prosperity, and peace. 

SoulTranSync amplifies the effectiveness of the life-healing Ho’oponopono mantra with binaural beats technology.


You Are Enough - How to stop blame, shame, and guilt

8 August 2020

Are you blaming, shaming, and guilting yourself or others? In this episode, Elaina discusses how to be the witness of the mind and know that you are enough! This episode ends with a grounding meditation.


How to do a 36-Hour Fast

5 June 2020

36-Hour fasting has been proven to balance blood sugar, increase IGF1, as well as hormone regulation, heightened senses and so much more. Learn how we incorporate 36-hour fasting into our weekly routines. This episode includes a sample schedule and menu for a typical 36-hour fast.


Healing Violet Flame Invocation for Anxiety

24 April 2020

Here are a few things you can do right now to Own Your Health and your own well-being: Practice meditation or visualization of protection like this one. Healing Violet Flame Invocation for Anxiety.

Watch this video and really tune in with your eyes closed.